The Causes of Autism

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Librarian’s Private Diary 1.1

As you peruse the shelves of the library, you accidentally stumble upon a golden book. There is no writing on the cover; no title to provide a hint as to its contents; but you do see a bent corner indicating some usage. As you open the shimmering book, you notice the majority of its pages are blank, save for the very first page in the book where a few notes have haphazardly been written. The following is written in what many would call “chicken-scratch”:

Since the beginning of my research, I’ve encountered far more factors associated with an autism diagnosis than I could’ve imagined. Although some I had been aware of before starting this library, the discovery of many novel factors has been interesting to say the least. It is admittedly frightening to consider that many factors could simultaneously impact the life of a single child, or perhaps a much more grown teenager or adult. One typically considers that a child may develop autism at a young age, but could an adult who is exposed to so many of these factors later in life develop autism symptoms as well?

Combined, all of the factors could make a person afraid to step out the door, or even conceive a child. It would seem imperative to continue discovering research related to autism diagnoses; and most importantly, to possible treatment options. I hope to continue uncovering the mysteries related to autism diagnoses, of course, with the help of all of the researchers I stand behind in solving this enigma. This work would not be possible without them.

I’m proud to have updated the diagram on this site with the latest research. I have to make a point of updating it each time I review a new study. My goal thus far has been to focus on discovering new factors associated with autism diagnosis, although I fear that road may soon come to an end, and I may continue building upon each individual factor with more research. Nevertheless, much work lies ahead of me, and I mustn’t be overwhelmed by the daunting task. Hopefully this work helps someone; and if it helps a single person, I shall consider my work to have already been fruitful.

The Librarian

Shh. Quiet in the hall.

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